Courses for students & adults

Ottosson Media offers courses for grammar school and high school. 

In for example The app as a creative tool – course in digital creative production, the students learn how to work as a artist, graphic designer and illustrator. They try out the latest apps for digital design, and at the same time learn the basic conditions for a creative occupation. The task can for example be making an artwork, a poster or an illustration for a book, and the course can be connected to an ongoing school theme.

Other courses offered are: Art and democracy, Concept and context art, How to create as an illustrator, Working with a school newspaper, Let's make a newspaper, and Let's make a book

There is a big, medium and small course package to choose from. The course can held as a Skapande skola project.

To the left are some pictures from courses in book and newspaper production for grammar school and gymnasium.