Malmös 1930-tal - Cykelguide

Malmö Museum has made a bicycle guide consisting of twelve tours through Malmö of the 1930s. Ottosson Media did the graphic design of book cover and interior, and also was in charge of print and production.

Carl Johan De Geer – Den stora missuppfattningen

Ottosson Media has helped Kulturen with the graphic design and  production of signs for the exhibition with the artist Carl Johan de Geer. Click here to go to the exhibition web page at

Focus Sápmi – Exhibition at Kulturen

Kulturen has opened the exhibition Focus Sápmi. Ottosson Media was in charge of the graphic design and the production of signs and printed material. Click here to go to the exhibition web page at

Arena 123 - educational material for Gleerups

A new print of the book Arena 123 - Samhällskunskap för gymnasiet is on the way, and Ottosson Media is updating the illustrations and layout.

Environmental policy

Ottosson Media is working on an environmental policy that will ensure that the productions and projects are realized with the least possible environmental imprint. High environmental standards are already set towards Ottosson Media's partners, and Ottosson Media can therefore today deliver environmentally safe services and products, all through the production chain.